Defi Atlantique | nog 2390 mijl voor de boeg

  • Author: Ice
    Date: di, 09/12/2003 - 02:00

Maandag 8 december, de Defi Atlantique is een fascinerende race om te volgen. De snelle positiewissels bij de IMOCA Open 60 zorgen voor de weerspiegeling van een performance matchrace onder de titanen. Ecover (BEL) aan de leiding heeft winst genomen op de rest van het veld maar kan PRB nog niet volledig van zijn staart afschudden.

Met nog 2390 mijl te gaan en het naderen van de Cape Verdes eilanden, amuseert Mike Golding zich met zijn nieuwe Ecover.

"We're pretty close to the depression now, I've pushed right, so my track crosses in front of all the others behind, apart from the guys in the west. I was worried about the depression and it causing a complete stoppage. Luckily it is not us parking up! It looks like the boats on the west have completely stopped. That period with PRB has taught me so much about the boat and in a way that I couldn't have learnt in any other way. There are funny oddities with this boat, I've been sailing with a stupid keel angle, which makes it feel pretty uncomfortable and as if you are sailing the boat too hard, but in reality you're not, as you are reducing the power - it goes with the new hull shape - even though it feels strange, when you look at the figures, it works. I'm sure I can still get more out of ECOVER too. Also, when I loaded the boat with water ballast, the boat felt altogether better, but the pace went down, so I won't be doing that again in these conditions! It has also got a lot to do with the dagger boards.

Gisteren zei Golding, "Its still anyone's race, the fleet has been changing a great deal in the last few days and just about everyone has a turn at the lead. It is nice to have a go myself! We're in pretty good upwind sailing conditions. I think we're both (west and east boats) capable of catching the same light pressure, but they might get some light airs that we may be able to skirt better. Our route is a little more conventional, but it often it turns out better to sail the shortest difference."

Huidige posities met afstand tot aan de finish:
1 Mike Golding, ECOVER , 2390.3
2 Vincent Riou, PRB, 2410.1, 19.8 to lead
3 Sebastien Josse, VMI, 2448.8, 58.5
4 Nick Moloney, TEAM COWES, 2465.6, 75.3
5 Alex Thomson, AT RACING, 2474.3, 84
6 Jean-Pierre Dick, VIRBAC, 2482.4, 92.1

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