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    Date: di, 26/10/2004 - 12:35

RORC Rating Office (GBR) - Vanaf 1 januari 2005 zullen de hierna volgende IRC wijzigingen van toepassing zijn. De complexiteit van deze tekst zou na vertaling naar het Nederlands voor verkeerde interpretaties vatbaar zijn. Bijgevolg publiceren wij enkel het originele bericht.

The following is a precis of IRC rule changes which will take effect from January 1st 2005 (July 1st 2005 in Australia & South Africa):

Changes to IRC Rules for 2005 are generally very limited in practical effect and are related to tidying and incorporating changes to for example ISAF Equipment Rules Of Sailing (ERS). Two changes however, the deletion of RRS 52, Manual Power, and the change to the definitions of headsails and spinnakers in Rule 26.3.4 are of potentially greater significance. Changes of substance are marked with a vertical bar in the left margin of the Rule text.

- The change to Rule 2.7, explicitly permits a Rule Authority to require that boats under its jurisdiction shall be officially measured. New Rule 9.10 requires boats predominantly racing in a country to be rated through that Rule Authority.

- The change to Rule 8.4.3 reflects an amendment in ERS to the definition of mainsails and headsails thus obviating the need for the previous IRC amendment to ERS.

- Rule 12.2 now defines more precisely how corrected times are to be rounded.

- Reflecting the increasing number of boats fitted as standard with powered deck and other gear, Rule 14.1 now entirely deletes RRS 52, Manual Power, as opposed to the previous amendment permitting only large boats to use stored power for the adjustment and operation of sails and movable appendages. This Rule may however be amended by Notice of Race.

- Rule 26.3.4, which was predicted by IRC Notice #1 of 2004, changes the definitions of spinnakers and headsails for the reasons stated in Notice #1. In practical terms, the real effects of this will be generally slight.

- In response to mainsails with large roach above the three quarter width point, new Rule 26.5.5, and the accompanying new definition of mainsail seven eighth width, requires that the dimensions of such sails be declared.

- In response to the development of "kites", new rule 26.1.5 (f) requires that sails shall be set in close proximity to the yacht.

In addition to the above, a review of how the words 'use' and 'carry' are used throughout the IRC Rules has resulted in a some detail changes to wording in Rules 26.1.5 (c) and 26.3.8. These changes, which are not marked, will have no practical effect.

IRC users are advised that in addition to the above changes to the IRC Rule text, research during 2004 will lead to potentially significant changes in 2005 ratings to larger boats fitted with moveable and/or variable ballast (ie canting keels and/or water ballast). Additionally a review of the performance of boats fitted with bowsprits or carrying no spinnaker pole at all, is likely to lead to changes in the ratings of these boats, again particularly larger boats. Other changes are likely to be of much less significance.

2005 ratings will not be available until January 2005. Owners of potentially affected boats are thus advised to contact the Rating Office in early 2005. Please note that 2005 trials cannot run until the boat holds a valid 2005 IRC certificate.

Mike Urwin
21 October 2004
RORC Rating Office


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