I14 zeilboot gestolen! ...teruggevonden als bloembak

Een zeer bizar verhaal recht uit het Sailing Anarchy forum. Het verhaal begint op het International 14 forum met een hulpkreet van een eigenaar om mee te helpen zoeken naar zijn I14 zeilboot die gestolen werd op het terrein van de Put-in-Bay Yacht Club op South Bass Island, Ohio (US).

Op 13 juli krijgt het verhaal een hartbrekend vervolg. De dief blijkt nu iemand uit de omgeving te zijn, heeft de boot netjes ontmanteld, er verweerd laten uitzien en hem daarna een tweede leven gegeven als BLOEMBAK!

Het eerste bericht op het International 14 forum zag er zo uit:

HELP! my beloved old ONE DESIGN 14 has disappeared with the grand prix rig and the boom only. It was removed from the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club dry sail area on South Bass Island, Ohio in Lake Erie. My guess is that it was not a 14 sailor or even anyone who knew what a fourteen looked like. The bold part is that if they wanted a trailer that bad, they could have taken the trailer only. The half hour ferry ride has video tapes and we are certain it was taken between May 17th and May 19th on the Miller Ferry line. I am not looking for sympathy, however thought someone might be asked how to rig it and in that situation, they could identify it.

It had "Help Wanted" plastic signage affixed where the scuppers on the transom normally are. I have the identification numbers and all but am more perplexed than angry. All the sails and the foils are secure, as is the shorter rig. The tall rig and the hull alone are going to be difficult to outfit. Anyway, if anyone hears anything... would you be so kind as to call me. Reward for the return of my old boat.

Op 13 juli het hartbrekend vervolg:

well i found my boat! someone is in BIG trouble! I can only say that the picture is heartbreaking... The thief was a neighbor.... after posting a picture in the Put in Bay Gazette and enlisting my good friends at the Miller Boat Line to look for the boat on the security tapes in the very likely event that the boat was taken off the island on the dates in question, i found it, no help from the police, one mile from the PIBYC. no description is necessary. All fittings were barbaricly sp? removed from the hull.... completely stripped, as was the bowsprit. The extent of the damage and the "drain holes" this loser put in his new "project" are yet to be determined by a professional coroner..... i am really pissed off and not sure how much information i want to post before the police finish up.... The thief even tried to remove the rubber or neoprene on the gunnels to make it look more weathered or give it "character". He had a brand new 27' flagpole installed right next to the "flower box". some people are a waste of DNA! (picture is too big i will email to mward?)

De foto's werden natuurlijk gevonden via het Sailing Anarchy forum.

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